A Full Mind or a Mind Full?


Welcome to Alpes Meditation

We have created this space, not only to promote meditation as a stress management tool, but also, as a natural resource allowing one to live in a calmer, more harmonious way. A resource that will help one to connect better to oneself and to others in daily life.

On the website, you will find some information about the physiological effect of meditation, and also, a video to learn how to meditate simply and easily.

For a simple, pure and natural meditation

Simple : the meditation session is organized into 7 steps. Each of these steps offer immediate physiological effect that will help you to move into a relaxed state of mind while increasing your awareness of the present moment.

Each step is described in a simple, yet precise way, so one can easily achieve it to their own.

Pure : we believe meditation is a free-thinking act. This is why the process was developed for one purpose: being clear and easy enough so that one can fit this activity into their daily life.

Through a visual background of the exercises, we bring to your experience, a natural process using breathing and movement with a mind, body integration to create a sense of harmony and well-being.

Natural : Alpes Meditation was born... in the Alps! It is the result of several months of meditative experiences, shared with friends, that we decided to share with a larger audience, in a spontaneous way.

The natural and simple approach of Alpes Meditation as a concept: being neutral on a spiritual or religious level, has evolved into a full process - a sequence of simple exercises which allow you to quickly feel immediate benefits from meditating.

Everything you need is within your inner self. Without realizing who you truly are, happiness cannot truly reach you. Take the time to know yourself, open your senses, then you will eventually meet with the universe in its whole beauty.

Why meditation?

The world we live in is changing fast. We are, along with our children, more and more involved with Technology; stimulated by our devices, overloaded with information, social networks, etc. In order to balance this overwhelming routine, it becomes essential for each and everyone to maintain - or to rediscover - contact with nature, with our own human nature.

We talk about a "connected era", in a paradoxal way, the need for a well-being and conscious awareness has never been so strong.

A Full Mind or Being Mindful?

A human brain produces, on an average day, 50.000 to 60.000 thoughts! One needs to sort through all those thoughts, so to not get overwhelmed. This can be sometimes a difficult exercise.

Meditation is one of the most powerful (yet simple and accessible) tools to help you achieve a life balance.

Two allies always available to meditate

Durng the meditative process, you work with your body and your breathing - your 2 most loyal allies to reach inner harmony.

You will feel the benefits of the process, not onlyw while you are participating in the process, but also, and especially after the experience.

Meditation may become a life style to adopt. And this "tool" allows one to face the ups and downs of daily life with more resources. 

Become the conductor of your brain waves

Meditation allows one to modify cerebral waves, just like sleep does. When this happens, your mental mind, body,and spirit flows calm down.

Meditation helps to reduce one's stress level, and the pressure you may be putting yourself under.

Your nervous system increases its "resilience capacity", thus returning to its natural state of creativity and well-being.