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The” Creative Zone “can be developed and maintained using techniques. Some even speak of “technology of the mind”. It is one of our main goals with AM Innovation to teach these techniques to people, as well as to apply them in the field of creativity and innovation.

We also take care of your Cognition ! Live a mind full rather than a full mind, a gateway to the world of Mindfulness.

For several years now, Mindfulness has been joining forces with leadership and innovation through a variety of supports and processes: "Mindfulness" is at the service of the development of people, teams and, ultimately, performance.

Today we access a lot of information on the practice and benefits of mindfulness, from the popular article to the most advanced scientific study. You will find articles in our Flipboard magazine (Blog tab).

At AM Innovation, we believe that mindfulness is felt in an individual way and then combines with other consciences to create added value in consciousness. And sometimes, a collective consciousness can become the breeding ground for an individual consciousness. And always, it is the sum of individual consciousnesses that gives shape to the collective value.
— Sophie R.

A connected business

In a changing world, the company is the first place where we expect to experience technological breakthroughs and until recently the last place where we thought we would experience personal development. However, there are upheavals that occur: today we connect to our smartphone, tablet, computer; to our refrigerator, television, home ... We have never been so connected, at work but also at home and yet we have never spoken so much about disconnection!

In the lingo of human resources, a whole host of words to express the disconnection: burn-out, bore-out, go live, think out of the box (this one is positive ...), to scratch ...

So a connected company, but to what, to whom? Which connections do you want to cultivate in the company?

Dare to offer meditation to your collaborators

Alpes Meditation has come up with a simple and natural formula for bringing meditation to the workplace. Your meditation coach comes to your company to lead a meditation session: one hour to transform the stress and develop the full potential of your collaborators through a 7-step process that includes breathing exercises and guided meditation. This process allows for an autonomous and transposable practice at home.

The company becomes a prescriber of well-being, and the benefits of meditation infuse not only in the workplace but also in the personal life of everyone!

A new generation of companies

With equal skills, a company can differentiate itself from another by its ability to give Keys to its employees. Would you like, through a simple and inexpensive initiative, to provide access to organic resources for your collaborators and your business to:

  • minimize stress in the company

  • improve the emotional, mental, physical well-being of collaborators

  • help everyone to be more connected to themselves and then to others

  • increase the resilience of all to change

  • improve the general joining to change

  • improve creativity and innovation in the company

Pack In-Company Meditation

In-company sessions are available in the Rhône-Alpes region and the Geneva basin.

The group is at least 5 people and the maximum depends on your room capacity.

We begin from the first session to integrate the basics of meditation, and the physiological benefits of regular practice are explained at the beginning of the session;

Alpes Meditation is neutral of any religious or spiritual resonance in order to respect the framework of the company and of everyone.

We recommend a minimum of 4 sessions to implement meditation as a new resource in your company.

A connected business starts with connected individuals
Connect: In the lat. con (n) ectere (properly “link together”) “connect, form by link”