When music accompanies meditation ...

art sam chirnside

art sam chirnside

Did you know that our brain waves are in unison with the "surrounding music"? The same goes for the frequencies of the people around us. We are not able to choose the tone of our environment at every moment of our daily life, however we can offer us stopover of silence, and also musical moments to harmonize our inner being.


How about giving you a carefully chosen sound bath, music that will resonate right into your cells, and help you achieve the right mood for your context: maybe you want to relax with La Valse de la Mer (Waltz of the Sea) and La Douceur du Matin (the Sweetness of the Morning), or clarify your mind and structure your ideas with the Prelude of Johann Sebastian Bach, or stimulate your creativity on the Canon Pachebel ...


Alpes Meditation has tested:

By modifying our brainwaves, these musics have an effect on our physiological, emotional, mental state ... I chose to share with you the musical selection below because it is enriched by a singing voice that takes a little further the inner journey. Test your meditation with Classical Music in Light Chant 432 Hz, and share your experience on our blog ...

Check out excerpts from the selection available in the link below:


www.echosante.com is a promotional space for wellness and that’s on their website that I found this enchanting music. To discover!

Our brainwaves frequencies:

Beta Waves

Hertz Level: 14–40 Hz
Effect:  Awake, normal alert consciousness
Example: Actively conversing or engaging in work 

Alpha Waves

Hertz Level:  8–14 Hz
Effect: Calm, relaxed
Example:  Meditating, reflecting, taking a break from work

Theta Waves

Hertz Level:
4–8 Hz
Effect: Deep relaxation and meditation, mental imagery
Example: Daydreaming

Delta waves

Hertz Level: 0–4 Hz
Effect: Deep, dreamless sleep
Example: Experiencing REM sleep

Sophie Rouméas