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You won’t reach happiness until you know yourself
— Yogi tea

Why meditating? Meditation has a physiological effect on our brain, our body, and our spirit. A regular practice of meditation allows us to open our senses, to the present moment, through the door of our Inner world.

Many reasons can push us towards the meditative path : convictions, curiosity, sometimes even out of necessity… More and more people are showing their interest for meditation in order to relieve stress, to improve their quality sleep, to enhance their intellectual capacities, to boost their creativity or even express their spirituality… The list of acknowledged benefits is long, and still growing !

Meditation is not a magic trick - it is an inner experience. When you consciously choose to fully be here and now through the practice of meditation, you engage a physiological response from your body, especially on a cerebral plane.  As your meditative state of mind progresses, your brain waves evolve.

This evolution is one of the scientifically acknoweledged benefits from meditating. As explained below, each brain waves'frequency corresponds to a different physiological and mental state.

Meditation allows you the possibility to choose the best inner environment for what you wish to achieve and express.

La modification de nos ondes cérébrales grâce à la méditation est un des effets scientifiquement reconnus sur notre cerveau. Comme vous le lirez ci-dessous, à chaque fréquence d'ondes cérébrales correspond un état physiologique et mental.

Nous avons la possibilité de choisir le meilleur environnement interne selon ce que nous souhaitons vivre et accomplir.

Meditation impact on the brain waves

Our mental state when we feel happy, depressed, angry, relaxed can be measured by curves, or frequencies created by our brains. 

For each emotion or state of mind we go through, there is a corresponding and specific frequency. Neuroscientifics has classified those frequencies (measured in Hertz) in five states, from an awakened state to deep meditation.

Classification of brain waves

  • Gamma waves : 65 Hz to 25 Hz : intense and synchronized mental activity (such as learning or creation)

  • Bêta waves : 2 Hz to 13 Hz : awakened state of mind, common mental activity

  • Alpha waves : 13 Hz to 8 Hz : contributing to mild relaxation and calm awakening

  • Thêta waves : 8 Hz to 4 Hz : deep relaxation and meditation

  • Delta waves : 4 Hz to 0.5 Hz : dreamless deep sleep, loss of the sense of time

Even without having specific intention, we experience at least 3 different states of mind-on a daily basis :

  • at night, just before falling asleep, release from our mental state, and the brain rests in a dream-like condition
  • during our deep sleep
  • in daytime, when our frequencies corresponds to the normal awareness condition.

However, scientific studies have  acknowledged that we can modify our brain, our « relaxed mode » (for example) by exposing it to Alpha waves (the frequency corresponding to meditation).

Meditation is one of the simpliest and most accessible tools to help us relax - since it engages a response from resources that always available: our body and our senses.

By integrating a simple meditation process to your daily life, you will step by step learn how to modulate your brain waves, according to what you want to be and to achieve.

Become the conductor of your brainwaves

Through a regular practice of meditation, you will give yourself an opportunity to choose who you are and what you do in the present moment - instead of sometimes, or often, only reacting to your external environment. You will get to choose, as much as possible, to be proactive rather than reactive.

This movement between « reactive mode » and « proactive mode » also triggers a physiological response : the autonomous nervous system regulates all the autonomic body processes, such as the blood flow (cardiac frequency, blood pressure...), the breathing, the digestive system, heat regulation (sweating…), etc.

The autonomic nervous system is composed of :

  • the sympathetic nervous system
  • the parasympathetic nervous system

The first one prepares the organism for action. It organizes internal resources as a response to external stimulations (stressing or not), either to « fight » or to avoid these factors -  named « fight or flight » response.

When your internal resources are mobilized, you experience a faster cardiac and breathing frequency, causing, for example, dilated pupils or slowing of your digestive functions amongst other effects.

On the other hand, the parasympathetic nervous system corresponds to the activation and the maintenance of a relaxed, balanced condition called homeostasis. Organisms’ general functions are balanced. The cardiac and breathing frequencies are calm, blood pressure goes down, and digestive and sexual functions are improved.

When operating at a « normal » level, the body produces a stress hormone called cortisol, which is good in small doses. But when the stress factor is too high, or lasts too long, cortisol invades your body, causing and increased blood pressure and fat mass, a reduction in bone density, and is destabilizes  the immune system (amongst many others unhealthy effects). In addition, an excess of cortisol makes us age faster.

By reducing your stress, anger, and anxiety levels that can occur in everyday existence, you are building a solid and stable physiological basis for your life, allowing you to feel joy, happiness and creativity, at some unexpected level.

How would you feel if your brain could quickly and easily switch between the different Action - Reaction - Proaction modes, therefore limiting the production of stress hormones ?

What if your brain had the answer to trigger a relaxed mode, at anytime, even under important pressure? What if you could feel calm and in control, in every situation ?

Well, it’s possible ! The process we offer at Alpes Meditation™ allows you to apply various meditation techniques - as a daily ritual, so that you can easily feel the benefits of a meditative state of mind, respectful to your personal beliefs.

Learn to play your best spirit's melody

Through a conscious exploration of your different brain waves using and applying a daily meditative ritual, you will connect into a more universal frequency.

The Alpes Meditation process™ allows one to be more receptive to the “inspiring nature” - surrounding positive elements which enrich a perception of your environment.  The application of this process is modified and enriched through all your senses; you may access your own nature to reveal treasures of creativity, inventiveness and joie de vivre ...

Having a practice or “tool” that helps us transform / modify emotions by reducing negative emotions, not only for ourselves but also for others, allows us to give more space and time to spread positive emotions such as love, compassion, the joy of living, the creativity ... Our interactions with others feel it - the serenity of spirit is contagious!

We are more likely to discover our deep nature by being in touch with our inner dimension and our senses and in harmony with our external environment.

Meditation is not a religion. It does not require you to change your beliefs. The only thing you have to believe is that you need to practice meditation and apply the exercises daily for best and lasting results. Meditation can become a lifestyle

Whether you are spiritual or not, religious or not, hippie, business man, new parent or grandparent, child, student, business associate, artist ... everyone can benefit from meditation.