My work became more tedious as responsibility was taken. By finding inner calm, I also found the path of my creativity, and that, it is priceless! Even if it’s 5 minutes a few times a day, I do not spend more day without breathing and concentrating as Sophie showed us, and yep, in the flow ...
— Esteban, Geneva
It is a beautiful gift that transmitted this access to meditation :-) It is a great lever in my life, and also a source of stability that I have been looking for a long time.
— Juliet, Genève

I found my center, even if it moves every day ... I like to ‘infuse’ my intentions in my days now.
— Nadine, Annecy

Meditating with this technique has improved my concentration, and changed my perception of things ... it helps me to take a step back, to have more coolness, to find my trust in my relationship with others. It is also a help for climbing that I practice, because I’m less afraid!
— Sylvie, Annecy

Most of the people coming to our meditation session are looking for:

  • Reduce their stress level
  • Live more serenely and conscienciously
  • Improve their concentration, their attention
  • Be more present to themselves and to others
  • Improve their sleep quality
  • Boost their creativity
  • Improve their health