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Alpes Meditation

Simple, Pure and Natural

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Our mission

Alpes Meditation is a space to discover a natural and organic way of meditating. It is also a space neutral of religion or spiritual specificity to promote meditation as a lifestyle accessible to all. You will discover simple explanations of the physiological power of meditation as well as various collected articles. Welcome to the ecosystem Alpes Meditation™.


Explore your nature

Find your true nature, independent of external events. Learn to ride the waves of your mind. Breathe, meditate, infuse your intention and let life surprise you with its response ...


Subscribe to our Crowdfunding Campaign

We decided to create a video and DVD to share our meditation ritual with you and a larger audience whenever and wherever you want! We have set up a crowdfunding campaign to realize our project! If you wish to participate in our action, click on the link below and we will send you all the information you need.


Our Workshops

Our workshops are moments of experimentation and sharing around meditation. We adapt the content for each audience, regardless of the age of the participants, from under 7 to over 77 years old. An accessible meditation technique that fits into any context. - Coming Soon an English video sample.

Want to discover a guided meditation, get comfortable, use headphones, and click on the link below: